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• 3/23/2014

FTB: Script not found

Hi, Im playing on FTB unleashed pack and decided to install mob talker (but not it is called "Human Mob & Talker").

I install the mob by using the ftb installer and successfully installed the mod-Im able to make bouquet to talk to mob. I followed the instruction from the page and downloaded the default script, then put it in ftb/unleashed/minecraft/resources/mobTalker_script

Once everything is done I tried to talk to the mob but they said "Yeah, you  need to make or download  some scripts for me", said Creeper. 

I checked the folder's name over and over and over and over again and watched turtorial on youtube but still it couldn't find the script ....please help T.T (I tried the custom script too but doesn't work either)

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• 9/20/2015
Are you sure that's not what is actually in the script?
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