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These scripts are ONLY compatible with the first Mob Talker. Mob Talker 2 relies on a different format than the original, and all these will have to be reformatted before they can be used. Thank you for your understanding. Depod2 (talk) 13:49, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

A Custom Script is the name given to any script that is not in the initial mod, and are made by other users. These scripts offer a different, or even more in-depth look at the characters that are already in the game, as seen from the script writers perspective.

Custom Scripts are made by users, for users. As such, some of them may not be suitable for younger players, whilst some may not have correct grammar. This should be noted as it may affect the experience with the mod.

Currently, there is a thread on the Minecraft Forums, which is dedicated to these custom scripts, called "Mob Talker Scripts Chest", created by user catlover6596. This contains a hub-like area where many of the custom made scripts can be found.

In addition, a new website has been created by the original creator of the mod, Flammarilva. It is a simple website where all scripts may be uploaded onto. Simply type in the information and upload your file, and your script will be shown. Note that, once your script has been uploaded, it cannot be taken down for editing.

This wiki also holds a tutorial for creating custom scripts. Check it out for help on creating these yourself. Use the tutorial for references or help.

Custom Scripts


Author Contents Last Update Downloads
Eternal_song Default Scripts
08/24/2012 Mediafire
Kyozum0 Default Scripts
Unknown Cloudapp
  • Cave Spider (Days 1-8)
10/14/2012 Dropbox
Unknown_so36 All Mob Testing Containers

  • Skeleton
  • Snow Golem
  • Spider
07/17/2012 Links no longer available.

Work In Progress

Author Contents Last Update Downloads
  • 16+, References
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Cave Spider
  • Snow Golem
09/07/2012 Dropbox
  • Creeper 1-4 Pt. 1 of 14 (Description)
  • If you want the original Mob Talker script, please send me a PM here

Mob Talker 2

  • Enderman
08/08/2012 Dropbox
  • Ghast
07/09/2012 Cloudapp (Old)

Mediafire (New)

  • Snow Golem
07/08/2012 Direct Download
  • Silverfish
  • Creeper
Unknown Mediafire
  • Skeleton (Day 1-3)
08/10/2012 Mediafire
  • Creeper (Days 1-4)
  • Enderman: Days 1-2
  • Defaults for all other mobs
07/09/2012 Dropbox
  • Spider
07/15/2012 Mediafire
  • Creeper
  • Zombie
  • Default other mobs
07/20/2012 Link no longer available.
  • Cave Spider
2/11/2015 Mediafire
  • 10+ (Romance)
  • Slime
02/05/2013 Mega
  • Creeper (Days: 1 - 4)
  • Read the text file inside the zip before playing.
28/08/2013 Mediafire
  • Blaze
12/21/2012 Contained with slime script
  • Slime
01/06/2013 Mediafire
  • All Mobs - Up to 10 days
    Average of 7 days each
01/01/2013 Mediafire
  • Mystery of the Animated Snow [Iris]
  • Snowman - 4 Days, Beta
28/08/2013 Mediafire
  • Enderman - 15 days , +18(Optional) - Obs: Being Updated to Mob talker 2
30/09/2012 Dropbox


  • Skeleton
  • Spider (Day 1)
  • Magma Cube
07/06/2012 Dropbox


Author Contents Last Update Downloads
  • 18+, Drugs, Violence, Language
  • Creeper (Days 1-21)
09/08/2012 Dropbox
  • Snow Golem
  • Iron Golem
07/08/2012 Dropbox
  • Blaze
10/18/2012 Link no longer available.

Script Resources

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