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Currently there are 16 commands available in Mob Talker - 8 for normal mobs, and 8 more for shadow mobs.

General CommandsEdit


  • Format: #FACE (phiz codes)
  • Phiz codes as of 10.1: Normal, Angry, Sad, Tired, Happy, Shy
  • Used to set the facial expression of the character.
  • Example:
#FACE normal


  • Format: #MAKESHADOW
  • Used to turn a mod into a shadow mob.
  • Shadow mobs are identical to normal mobs, but more commands (below) can be used on them.
  • Shadow mobs will remember their "love" level.
  • You can only make friends with a shadow mob, as normal mobs will only play the first default script.
  • Example:


  • Format: #CONDITION {["Option text 1",scriptfile1]["Option text 2",scriptfile2]["Option text 3",scriptfile3]}
  • Where "Option text" is the dialogue of the option, and "scriptfile" is the file the player will be sent to when they select it.
    • NOTE: The speech marks are not required.
  • Allows the player to interact with the story of the mob.
  • Each option can be used to change the love of the mob in different ways, allowing for story separation.
  • The whole command must be on the same line.
  • Example:
#CONDITION{[It's next to you!,Option1A],[What cat? ,Option1B],[Does it looks like this one I just caught?,Option1C]}


  • Format: #FETCH_NAME
  • Allows the script creator to replace the term (playername) with the nearest player's Minecraft name.
  • Not required for the #SET_NAME command. When (playername) is used, it will show the nearest player's name regardless of whether or not #FETCHNAME has been activated.
  • Will last the whole script file. New script files will need a new #FETCHNAME.
  • Example:
#SET_NAME (playername)
Just call me (playername).
(playername)?What a nice name.


  • Format: #SELF_DEAD
  • The mob activating this command will disappear. They will never come back.
  • This allows the script creator to end the story instantly.
  • It is advised to use the #REV_TRANS command after using #SELF_DEAD to clear the mob's used memory.
  • Example:
#FACE Angry


  • Format: #END
  • Required at the end of every script in order to end it.


  • Format: #SET_NAME "Name"/(playername)
  • Where "Name" is the name of the mob you are talking to, and (playername) is the player.
    • NOTE: The speechmarks are not needed.
    • The player does not necessarily need to be called (playername).
  • Example:
#SET_NAME Snow Golem
#FACE Happy
That sure was fun! Oh, I forgot to ask something.::What's your name?
#SET_NAME (playername)
My name is (playername)
#FACE Normal
And my name is Neige. Maybe we can get together tomorrow?


  • Format: #SET_POS (position code)
  • Position codes as of 10.1: Left, Middle, Right
  • Allows the script creator to set the position of names.
  • For example, if "#SET_POS middle" is used , the name will appear above the middle of the textbox.
  • Example:
#SET_NAME (playername)
Where are you?
#SET_NAME Herobrine
#SET_POS right
Over here.

Shadow CommandsEdit


  • Format: #ATTACK (positive integer)
  • Where the positive integer indicates the damage of the attack. (original attack strength * integer)
  • 0 seems to be an acceptable input. Decimals will crash the game.
  • Example:
#SET_NAME Cupa will pay for that!::I hate you!


  • Format: #REV_TRANS
  • Will turn a shadow mob back into a regular mob.
  • This will cause all of the mob's memory to be erased.


  • Format: #INCREASE_LOVE (positive integer)
  • Where the positive integer indicates how much to ADD to the current love level.
  • Setting a love level above 100 will crash the game.
  • Allows for the script creator to progress the story.
  • Example:
Really?Is that monster gone?


  • Format: #DECREASE_LOVE (positive integer)
  • Where the positive integer indicates how much to TAKE from the current love level.
  • Setting a love level below 0 will crash the game.
  • Allows for the script creator to progress the story.
  • Example:
#FACE Angry
Pay with your life, then.


  • Format: #FINISH_DAY
  • Prevents any more love# scripts from being loaded for the day.
  • Loads default.script until the next day.
  • Can be especially helpful if the script creator is using multiple storylines.
  • Example:
#FACE Angry
And,who the hell are you?


  • Format: #SET_FOLLOW
  • Causes the mob that activates it to follow the player.


  • The general interpretation of this command is that it will cause the shadow mob in question to cease hostility. However, it has not yet been confirmed to function properly.


  • Format: #SET_ESCORT (ON, OFF, true, false)
  • Turning this ON will allow the shadow mob to attack nearby hostile mobs
  • Leaving the integer blank will cause it to flip the value (OFF to ON or ON to OFF)

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