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The Ghast is a currently implemented, and working, mob. Prior to update 8.3, this mob did not work.


The Ghast is one of the three Nether mobs currently implemented in the modification, the other two being the Magma Cube and the Blaze.

The Ghast does not have a default script included with the mod, but there are multiple custom scripts that players on the Minecraft Forums have created. These can be found here, or on the Mob Talker Scripts Chest page on the forums.

The only one listed on the Wiki at the moment is by user Dark_Pulse94.


  • The "faces" on the Ghast's hat change depending on which face is selected to reflect her mood, as shown in the mod and art by AT2.
  • It appears that she is wearing a wedding dress.
  • The long white hair is presumably supposed to resemble the tentacles of the Ghast hat on her head.
  • In AT2's art, she is often shown crying or sad over something.

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