Default Name




Health Points

Big : 16, Small : 4, Tiny : 1



The Slime is one of the mobs that was initially found in the first release of the mod. She did not come with a script included in the default English scripting, but was still supported.


The Slime was first found in the 7.1 version of the Mob Talker mod (however, it may have been in earlier editions of the mod not published on the Minecraft Forums). However, she proved difficult to get a script for her working due to a bug which meant she only used the initial "default" script.

Like her Nether equivalent, the Magma Cube (LavaSlime), she has three different sizes which each have their own specific artwork.

Currently, there are only two custom scripts for the Slime found in the Custom Scripts section of this wiki.


  • There are three sizes of the mob, each with their own specific art. Examples of this can be seen below.
  • The Tiny Slime looks around 8-10 years old, the Small Slime looks around 14-16, and the Large Slime is about 20-22 years old.


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