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The Spider is one of the mobs that does not have a character script in the initial scripts pack.

There are currently only two known custom scripts for her that can be found on the Custom Scripts page, one by AaronRussellOcto and the other by ThrustCharge.


The Spider is unfortunate enough to be another one of the characters whose "Follow" and "Escort" commands do not work as of Beta 8.2.(Fixed in 8.3)

8.3, despite fixing the above glitch, has introduced a new problem. It now will follow and escort you. "Follow" however, is buggy. It will constantly have it's head facing the direction that you initally face the mob from until "Follow" is disabled. For example, if you talk to the mob from the North and move to the East, it will stay facing North.


  • From this character's art, it could be assumed that this character is either based on the Otemba (Tomboy) or Tsundere (Initially aggressive) stereotype found in manga and anime.
  • It can be assumed from the default texts, as well as AT2's manga, that the spider likes trying to scare the player. Despite this, she rarely, if ever, succeeds.
  • She is also close friends with the skeleton, evidenced in some of AT2.'s comics and other arts.

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