Hi my name is Andrew, most of my usernames in everything is Andysniffums.

I write scripts, just for a hobby.

The reason it's a hobby because I write alot storyboards and shoot videos. Storyboards require alot of drawing and writing, and I found Mobtalker a good way to right out some stuff when I'm bored.

Sadly as much as I love to write scripts for mobtalker. I do not have much free time.

I got school to deal with, and I have other things to deal with, thus' said I'm quite busy.

This being said please do not ask me when I will release a script, I will most likely not respond.

In case if I do release a script I will write a blog post like this.

It's Sept. 9 2012, from this date on, i will not be on mobtalker as much as I used to over the summer.

Anyways, good luck and have fun!

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