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  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Artist, Storymaker
  • I am Male
  • AustMnemonic

    Aaerond Mynril, an Enderman, was born son of Aaeraln and Miyae Mynril, in 15 BC. Like most, if not all, of the Mynrils, Aaerond was born the abilities of a great warrior, but because of this, the current ruler of The End, Perderiath the Ender, sought to make Aaerond a powerful weapon against his enemies. He spent most of his youth blissfully unaware of this, and did not come to fully understand it until the age of 26. It was at that time, year 11 AD, Aaerond fled from The End, and from the grasp of Perderiath, coming to a world all but unkown to his people at the time. The Overworld. Shortly after arrived, Aaerond was arrested, for the sole fact that he was an Enderman. (Overworlders didn't trust them at this time, while the threat of Perd…

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  • AustMnemonic

    NOTICE: This list only names a few examples of each rank of power, excluding the ranks "X" and "IX", as those are the only beings who hold that rank.

    X: Remacus, Demaxus, Taeli

    IX: Grondorous, Draldorous, Trecdorous, Nandoryl, Elidoryl, Taedoryl

    VIII: Tenari, Hiruko, Perderiath(Corrupted)

    VII: Creareim, Perderiath, Chalybs, Lignuman, Efflorei, Undarr, Arboril, Illustratt, Auriaco, Fulminantis

    VI: Kaldaes, Trulldutris, Zhe Orerore

    V: Notagouron, Zimlarr, Nil Zarroth, Nothing the Ironlord, Cultaedas II, Akon

    IV: Valdagras, Contourile, Armandatil, Andr

    III: Cultaedas I, Patchouli

    II: Andrew, Variena

    I: Any weaker beings who wield magic.

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  • AustMnemonic

    Roughly 2000 years ago, (223 BC, if you want the exacts..) There existed 10 great wizards of the planet Morsia. Fulminantis the Red, Oreicio the Orange, Illustrat the Yellow, Arboril the Green, Undar the Blue, Efflorei the Violet, Lignuman the Brown, Durust the Grey, Creareim the White, and most relevant to this particular story, Perderiath the Black. Perderiath at the time was obsessed with these great pearls created by a dark shadow of a being named Tenebris, said to hold unimaginable power. He exhausted himself to no end trying to find one of these pearls, until he created his own, The Endamantir, in 150 BC, it being the first real "Enderpearl". But as one might think, such power doesn't come without a price.

    Perderiath had to sacrifice …

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  • AustMnemonic

    Valdagras Family Tree

    February 12, 2013 by AustMnemonic

    Valdagras "The First"



    Cultaedas Valdagras I



      Cultén Valdagras



      Énnor Valdagras



      Thénn Valdagras



      Thénin Valdagras



      Théndir Valdagras



      Düldir Valdagras



      Nindül Valdagras



     Nonindel Valdagras



     Isélnon Valdagras



     Isélden Valdagras



      Disél Valdagras



      Éndis Valdagras



      Nirél Valdagras



      Éanir Valdagras



       Léan Valdagras



      Tülén Valdagras



      Tülárn Valdagras



       Lárn Valdagras



       Élar Valdagras



      Nélon Valdagras



      Nérin Valdagras


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  • AustMnemonic

    The Enderlord wasn't always the cloaked monster that he is nowadays. In fact, quite some time ago, he used to be a particularly normal Enderman. He was born on August 17th, 1902, and given the name Armandatil Contourim Valdagras by his parents, Cultaedas Valdagras II, and Variena Valdagras. Sadly, Armandatil didn't get to know his parents terribly well, as they both died when he was about 2 years old. At that point, The Ender, Perderiath, brought his presence within the young Enderlord's mind, becoming a sick and twisted voice that whispered to him telepathically, raising him as if he were his own child. Due to Perderiath essentially being a part of Armandatil's pysche, the young boy learned quite quickly, but went to school like a normal …

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