The Enderlord wasn't always the cloaked monster that he is nowadays. In fact, quite some time ago, he used to be a particularly normal Enderman. He was born on August 17th, 1902, and given the name Armandatil Contourim Valdagras by his parents, Cultaedas Valdagras II, and Variena Valdagras. Sadly, Armandatil didn't get to know his parents terribly well, as they both died when he was about 2 years old. At that point, The Ender, Perderiath, brought his presence within the young Enderlord's mind, becoming a sick and twisted voice that whispered to him telepathically, raising him as if he were his own child. Due to Perderiath essentially being a part of Armandatil's pysche, the young boy learned quite quickly, but went to school like a normal kid nonetheless. There, he wasn't treated to well, he was often bullied for being "different", and they took the idea of Perderiath's "voice" as if he has schizophrenia. Though this was anything but true, Armandatil would often sit in the corner, hating himself, since he thought all of this was his fault.

This madness continued for a couple of months, before Armandatil, by sheer coincidence, quite literally bumped into two girls while clumsily walking around, listening to the whispers of The Ender. The two girls were Patchouli, Princess of The Nether, and Himeko, Princess of The Silverfish. The two immediately took an extreme liking to Armandatil, since he was quite a handsome young boy at that time, and spent a lot of their time trying to impress him and win his love. In the end, Patchouli was the "victor" of all of that, and one day asked Armandatil if he loved her as much as she loved him. His honest answer was "Yes", but Perderiath had something else in mind. Taking advantage of his position of a all-knowing being to Armandatil, he told him that Patchouli was not necessary. Armandatil at that moment questioned Perderiath's authority over him, and ran off to try and find out who this voice really was.

50 years after Armandatil ran away, he was experimenting with powerful magic, still on his hunt to see who was the one who had been whispering to him all his life. Yet, this experiment didn't end up so well, an explosion to be exact, and Armandatil was presumed dead. After this, his body was horribly disfigured, turning him into what we know him as today. Even though there is more than that to his tale, I probably won't say it here.

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