NOTICE: This list only names a few examples of each rank of power, excluding the ranks "X" and "IX", as those are the only beings who hold that rank.

X: Remacus, Demaxus, Taeli

IX: Grondorous, Draldorous, Trecdorous, Nandoryl, Elidoryl, Taedoryl

VIII: Tenari, Hiruko, Perderiath(Corrupted)

VII: Creareim, Perderiath, Chalybs, Lignuman, Efflorei, Undarr, Arboril, Illustratt, Auriaco, Fulminantis

VI: Kaldaes, Trulldutris, Zhe Orerore

V: Notagouron, Zimlarr, Nil Zarroth, Nothing the Ironlord, Cultaedas II, Akon

IV: Valdagras, Contourile, Armandatil, Andr

III: Cultaedas I, Patchouli

II: Andrew, Variena

I: Any weaker beings who wield magic.

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