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  • I am An Indian.... I slap you with a frozen taco if you believed that.
  • Boombot121

    Question on everyone's mind WHERE ARE THE ADMINS? Yes where are they recently people have begun violating rules of the wiki as I am hearing from other users and 2 completely inappropriate pictures of the blaze and creeper were posted that were directly not kid friendly. I know some people on this wiki that are 10 years old. If anyone can contact the admins tell them to get their butts back here or give the job to someone else.

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  • Boombot121


    September 14, 2012 by Boombot121

    I watched a very meaningful vedio called Seconds on YouTube, it showed me that each second of our lives can change us in so many ways. For example when I first saw a vedio of mobtalker on YouTube if I ignored it I might have never been here, commented on so many trivial things and making you read this annoying rant. Makes you realize that seconds do count in your lives. Has anything like this happened to you?

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