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Meet Piggens

History Of Piggens

There is no history about Piggens, nor his family members and where he lives. He was found by Pigzaravic and was kept as a pet and a slave...When Piggens was "enslaved" by Pigzaravic, he was ordered and abused around him. When kenten101 along with kokaman3 killed Pigzaravic, Piggens decided to stay as a pet and is held into protection. After that, he helped rebuild everything and had Alien Meat for dinner.

About Piggens

Piggens is a kind, friendly and a klutz kind of pig but likes to play around with friends. He may be a dolt, but at least he can be helpful at times. He's usually shy and attempts to make friends to someone he hasn't met. He is usually seen with a Saddle and a Carrot on a Stick.

Not much else is known about him...


  • Piggens is seen eating only Carrots and Alien Meat.
  • Piggens can wield or un-wield his Carrot on a Stick.

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