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    The script is being continued on the Mob talker 2, go Here for an apdated version of the script.

    Script title:

    Pwer Shift!

    Part -1 of 12 : Ignatius' Eprologue

    Ignatius' Prologue and Epologue are one in the same...

    Page estimate: N/A

    Part 0 of 12 : Christine's Prologue

    The story of Christine, before she met Ignatius

    Page estimate: N/A

    Part 1 of 12 : The Story of Christine and Ignatuis

    In this story you are a 16 year old boy named Ignatius, whom has been living alone in the woods for many years. One day, while walking through the forest, he comes across an area that's looks as if it has been burned, yet not with fire. Continuing to follow the burned path, he find a mysterious girl who is gravely injured. Taking her home, Ignatius nurses her bac…

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    Script status 2

    July 13, 2013 by Ckay1100

    I'll just include the chapters I have in he story to give you an idea on how long it is. Also, each chapter represents 1 day( the only exeption is day two which is two days). You can expect these to be as long as a chapter you would typically find in a novel.

    1. Find in the forest
    2. Days of recovery
    3. Her awakening
    4. Introductions
    5. Cat shenanegans
    6. Cave encounter
    7. Sleeping lake
    8. Playing in the water
    9. Troubled girl, village travel
    10. Secret glimpse
    11. Last leg of travel
    12. Troubled town, Lying hero
    13. Greatful gift, Hostile encounters
    14. The travel Home
    15. The travel Home II
    16. The travel Home III
    17. Home
    18. Truth discovered, Attacking enemy
    19. Ignatius' decision; Bonding fight
    20. The Dream
    21. Events of the past revisited
    22. Ignatius' death
    23. The advancing 'tine
    24. The falling 'tine
    25. The falling 'tine II
    26. Wandering 'tine, Hu…
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    Script status

    April 22, 2013 by Ckay1100

    4/21/13 Scrapped everything that I had and started fresh, beginning with an outline that's 1/3 finished of part 1 of the story :3 (28 pages so far, this is just the outline, mind you, I still have to get to writing the actual story)

    I'm planning to have about 10 parts, each a different script.


    Script is now 37 pages...I still only rate it 1/3 done....


    Fifty pages of the outlined story, now about half done.


    60 pages of the story, 3 pages of the actual written story. :/

    Note: I'm only writing this because my brain is fried from writing and I'm bored :3

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