I'll just include the chapters I have in he story to give you an idea on how long it is. Also, each chapter represents 1 day( the only exeption is day two which is two days). You can expect these to be as long as a chapter you would typically find in a novel.

  1. Find in the forest
  2. Days of recovery
  3. Her awakening
  4. Introductions
  5. Cat shenanegans
  6. Cave encounter
  7. Sleeping lake
  8. Playing in the water
  9. Troubled girl, village travel
  10. Secret glimpse
  11. Last leg of travel
  12. Troubled town, Lying hero
  13. Greatful gift, Hostile encounters
  14. The travel Home
  15. The travel Home II
  16. The travel Home III
  17. Home
  18. Truth discovered, Attacking enemy
  19. Ignatius' decision; Bonding fight
  20. The Dream
  21. Events of the past revisited
  22. Ignatius' death
  23. The advancing 'tine
  24. The falling 'tine
  25. The falling 'tine II
  26. Wandering 'tine, Hurried search
  27. Dreams
  28. Truth
  29. Reunited

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