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  • DeflecStar

    Where petals don't fall - Chapter 1 "Nightly encounter"

    I awoke on a beach. I don't know how I got here, my clothes are soaked, partially ripped and every part of me hurts but I'm alive and that's all I can ask for at the moment. The sun is shining brightly... it must be noon. Slowly getting up, feeling like every bone in my body starts cracking, I start looking around. It looks like I have been washed ashore at a large beach area together with some flotsam... probably from the ship. Speaking of the ship: I can't see it anywhere. It must've sunk to the bottom of the sea, making my chances to leave this place anytime soon nonexistent. Realizing this I start checking the goods but it seems the only things lying around are a few wooden planks,…

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  • DeflecStar

    Where petals don't fall - Exposition "An old tale'"

    "...It is a land, far, far away from here. At nights the moon illuminates the scenery with a faint light and a gentle breeze blows through the grass creating an illusion of peace and harmony.

    But first impressions can be decieving and if one were to take a second and closer look then this land will reveal itself for what it really is: A land filled with dangerous creatures roaming the landscape. Creatures which will not hesitate to kill anyone passig through their territory. But it is also a land filled with countless riches waiting to be discovered by those who are brave or foolish enough to risk their lives in search for them..."

    ...This is part of an old tale which has been passed down by…

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  • DeflecStar

    Introductory Words

    June 1, 2013 by DeflecStar

    So far I'm not sure how many chapters the story will have.

    Well, the First Chapter, "Chapter 0" or The Exposition, has been published. It just shows the events which happened to this particular Steve. Personally I think an exposition is important for a good story.

    Chapter 1 is out. It's just an encounter... Sorry I couldn't publish it on Wednesday and that it's pretty short. I'm not very satisfied with this one either but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

    Release of Chapter 2 delayed until further notice... I really need to concentrate on university right now...

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