aka DerrickJMitcfhell

  • I live in Kajar, Zeal Island 12,000 BC
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is Visual Novelist
  • I am Use Your Imagination.
  • DerrickJMitchell

    I am DerrickJMitchell.

    I enjoy making Script's.

    My goal on this wiki Is to help Create something Special.

    My Scripts will be posted on here

    so, if you cant find them in the comment's you will here.

    Please give both positive and negative feed back,

    Speak your mind.

    My goal is to make you all happy

    Without changing my original style.

    Script's can be found below.


    • 15 day's.
    • 18+.
    • This Script is Finished.
    • Download here

    Snow Golem

    • 8 day's.
    • All ages.
    • This script is Finished.
    • Download Here

    I would also like To Post on behalf of my Lack of new script's lately

    I have been busy with something, that i can not quite Tell to the public yet.

    But it will be big

    This will not stop me from Writing script's.

    I will keep this Post updated with info of when i release new …

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  • DerrickJMitchell

    I know most of you may not know me, or care much for who i am, in fact, i have a feeling I have overstayed my viset in this wiki. Aggrovating the admin's and such, I will be taking a break doing other stuff for at liest a week, (5 - 7 days) so, Please dont expect any new script's from me untill i am back. Thank you, and sorry for any trouble i may have caused and might cause in the future, -DerrickJMitchell.

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