Hello, mob talker wiki! Wow! I haven't been on as much recently, but I have returned, which probably isn't worth too much fanfare. I thought I would write another blog since the first one was such a…uh…success, maybe? I won't know. Anyway! If you have any questions not related to the workings of the mod, just ask, since I love helping others out. You may also see me "pseudo moderating," which for me means just giving those who post things like "lolol Cupa should have sex with Andr XXX 69 XD" a stern talking to, as I don't take to stupidity nicely. Or passively. While I may not have a ban hammer, at least show some respect to those around you and take my advice when given. I hope this wiki continues to grow and expand along with the mod! :D P.S: ServantOfTheThirdEye really deserves some props, since he has posted lots of images and made changes and even redid the whole main page! Make sure to give him a virtual high five next time you see him.


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