aka Myon

Banned From Chat
  • I live in An average planet in orbit around a commonplace star in a dime-a-dozen galaxy.
  • My occupation is Home Security Guard
  • I am an ordinary high school student hikikomori-geek-cloudcuckoolander that loves cute stuff. Also, genderfluid.
  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    Hey, Wacky here. I am wondering when Mob Talker will be updated fo 1.4.2, and I have created a cool idea for a script for the Witch.

    Grr... where did I put that mushroom?



    Why, hello there. Can I help you?

    "#CONDITION {[Yeah, can you brew me an Awkward Potion?, Option 1A], [No, I'm just stopping by. Apparently, I can help you., Option 1B]}

    Ugh. Always the apothecary...

    1. END

    Oh, okay. Who are you, anyway?


    "#SET_NAME (playername)

    My name is (playername)

    "#SET_NAME Ayumi

    "#FACE Normal

    (playername), eh? Names have power, and that sounds like a good one... Mine's Ayumi.

    "#FACE Shy

    Do you have a place to stay for the night, (playername)?

    "#CONDITION {[Yes, but it's many kilometers from here., Option2A] [No. I'm lost in this marshlan…

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  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    Okay. I found about a Minecraft mod which makes the Creepers into a nightmare. They can see you from twenty-four meters away, you can only see their eyes and mouth, they make no noise, and they are much faster! I have a (rhetorical) question: How would AT2 draw Cupa if Steve had Predator Creepers installed? I will add a pic when I get around to it...

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