Hey, Wacky here. I am wondering when Mob Talker will be updated fo 1.4.2, and I have created a cool idea for a script for the Witch.

Here's My Drawing of a Potential Sprite:

20121025 223901

Here's a Preview of the Script:

Default Line

"#FACE Tired

Grr... where did I put that mushroom?



Shadow Lines

"#FACE Normal

Why, hello there. Can I help you?

"#CONDITION {[Yeah, can you brew me an Awkward Potion?, Option 1A], [No, I'm just stopping by. Apparently, I can help you., Option 1B]}

Option 1A:

"#FACE Shy


Ugh. Always the apothecary...

  1. END

Option 1B:

"#FACE Normal

Oh, okay. Who are you, anyway?


"#SET_NAME (playername)

My name is (playername)

"#SET_NAME Ayumi

"#FACE Normal

(playername), eh? Names have power, and that sounds like a good one... Mine's Ayumi.

"#FACE Shy

Do you have a place to stay for the night, (playername)?

"#CONDITION {[Yes, but it's many kilometers from here., Option2A] [No. I'm lost in this marshland..., Option 2A]}

Option 2A:

"#FACE Normal

Oh. Okay. You can stay here for the night...


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