• Wavethehedgehog9


    November 27, 2012 by Wavethehedgehog9

    I just reacently got into the deal of memes. the very first ones i saw were spiderman memes and god were they funny. but thats not what i wanted to talk about. i finished reading all of the books in my house. i wanted to ask if there are any good books any of you have read. (please do not give me stuff like the twighlight saga.) and if you do, please tell me right away cause im bored out of my spine.


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  • Wavethehedgehog9

    arrrgh! my mom won't let me go on live chat anymore cause shes convinced some of you are pedophiles and others are emo/serial killers. that sucks. well, i hope you guys can check my blog from time to time so we can stay in touch?

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  • Wavethehedgehog9

    my first blog

    November 25, 2012 by Wavethehedgehog9

    hey guys. this is my first blog post. i hope that when i finally get a youtube account that i'll be able to let you guys hear my voice, though i have a stuffy nose alot. at the moment, im thirteen and i dont have a phone yet. >:[ when i do, i'll make a youtube account with skype and some videos, but that might take a couple of years. double >:[ but don't worry about it guys. i'll make you all laugh your hearts out, hopfully soon. bye dudes and dudettes >;P love ya'll

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